Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rand Paul supporters attempt to tie Trey Grayson to Keating Five Scandal

The purpose of this post is to expose the blatant lies and character assasination being leveled against Secretary of State Trey Grayson (R-Kentucky) by supporters of Rand Paul. Not all of these attacks are necessarily originating from Rand Paul himself or official members of his campaign staff, but nonetheless, the lies are spreading and must be refuted.

To demonstrate the lengths (at least some) of Rand Paul supporters' dishonesty, a website has sprung up as a parody by the Rand Paul supporters: Among the lies found here (as well as showing complete ignorance on the part of the person who made it in not knowing the difference between the Kentucky Senate and the U.S. Senate by stating both candidates are running for the "Kentucky Senate" and refers to "U.S. state Senators", an office that does not exist), is an implication that Trey Grayson was involved in the Keating Five Scandal of 1989. That is impossible - Grayson was 17 years old and in high school - even younger during the events that lead up to that scandal. The website implies that Grayson was working as a "corporate lawyer" at this time, even though he didn't even have a high school diploma, let alone his law degree from the University of Kentucky. On top of this, the lawfirm was not a subject of the controversy but a bank Keating was involved in, compounding the lie.

The site also criticizes Grayson's father for having been successful in the banking industry. It attacks Trey Grayson because the U.S. has paper currency - apparently the website owner doesn't agree with this and blames Grayson for the kind of monetary system currently adopted in this country - as if Grayson, or his father, had any involvement or control over this either way.

The site also implies Grayson supports warrantless wiretaps. Grayson supports such wiretaps on foreign terrorists and they are not protected by the U.S. Constitution as the website author ignorantly portrays (also can't make up his mind between spelling Grayson's first name correctly as Trey or incorrectly as "Tray" - even in the same paragraphs). Grayson also does not believe that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job by the Bush Administration - Rand Paul and other members of his family have repeatedly associated with Alex Jones, the father of the conspiracy-whackos "9/11 truth" movement. Rand Paul himself as well as his father, Ron Paul, have appeared on Jones' radio show multiple times. Such an association is very troubling.

The site implies that Grayson supports massive increases in the national debt and that he has the reduction and elimination of this problem on the back burner to other priorities. That has never been Grayson's position and this implication by the site is yet another example of playing fast and loose with the facts.

On healthcare the implication is that Grayson has no position on the issue. Grayson has repeatedly opposed government takeovers and also has taken the position of allowing individuals to purchase policies across state lines.

You can see from this that there is a template of attack that would have been levied against whoever the "other candidate" was in a race where Rand Paul was in there because Rand Paul is their candidate, and anyone who dares threaten that is automatically evil and must be essence, they are behaving in the exact way they have and will accuse Trey Grayson and the so-called "establishment" they want to link him to of behaving. We can already see it before our very eyes.

Trey Grayson has no entitlement to win this primary and must earn it - but spreading outrageous rumors and lies like this simply because he is not the preferred candidate of the Rand Paul supporters is morally reprehensible. Other Rand Paul supporters who know how to behave like adults (if you exist) need to speak out and condemn this kind of behavior.