Friday, December 18, 2009

Rand Paul campaign tolerates official spokesman finding it amusing to compare Trey Grayson to Adolf Hitler

The Rand Paul campaign's official spokesman, Chris Hightower, endorsed as amusing in recent weeks a video posted by another Rand Paul supporter comparing Trey Grayson to Adolf Hitler - one of the worse mass murderers in all of history. Rand Paul tolerated this and kept him on the campaign - Rand Paul did not apologize, and his campaign spokesman was not even forced to apologize, and indeed he did not. He only came up with a ridiculous excuse, insulting to anyone with a modicum of intelligence (a pattern we are getting from the Rand Paul campaign), that he just found the "video" to be amusing, not the actual act of comparing Trey Grayson to Adolf Hitler. That begs the question - what about the video made it amusing to him if not comparing Trey Grayson to Adolf Hitler, since that is what the video showed.

Just another disturbing association of Rand Paul - the extremes we now know reach into his official campaign staff. Amazingly, on blogs where this issue is discussed, many Rand Paul supporters actually defend this disgusting comparison - stating it is legitimate "satire." There is nothing satirical about comparing Trey Grayson to a mass murderer. The heat of a campaign is no excuse to throw common decency out the window, and to endorse or tolerate such a thing indicates a serious lack of judgment and perhaps even integrity on the part of the Rand Paul campaign and its supporters.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Rand Paul blatantly dishonest about Trey Grayson in latest campaign flyer

A letter signed by Rand Paul sent out from his campaign is embarrassingly dishonest. For a candidate that is supposedly a person of principle and a man who rises above politics as usual, you sure wouldn't know it by the way he behaves - like a typical politician - meeting the stereotype to its core. His latest letter intentionally and knowingly lies about his conservative opponent, Trey Grayson, stating he is "new to the party." No person with any amount of common sense could portray someone who has been in the party a decade as "new" to the party, let alone someone who is in his second term of elected office as Secretary of State. Rand Paul states Trey Grayson has switched because it is "now easier to win as a Republican." Once again, Grayson is currently in his second 4-year term as Secretary of State, and was elected and ran as a Republican - and only as a Republican - in both races. He has never ran for office as anything but a Republican, and switched well before and was active in Republican and conservative causes well before he first ran for office. The time of Grayson's switch to the Republican Party was when he was in his 20s, not a recent conversion, and was certainly not in an environment favorable for Republicans in the state of Kentucky - the GOP was so weak it did not even field candidates in the 1999 elections for most offices, suffered a massive landslide defeat, and the Democrats were in the midst of their seemingly unending 31 year reign in all state offices. Grayson's home congressional district was also won and held by Democrat Ken Lucas, and would likely still be in his hands had he not retired. Rand Paul's claims are completely bogus, and all part of his campaign of deception to falsely define his opponent.

Rand Paul's claims in the letter that he is and has been loyal to the Republican Party are also beyond absurd. Just last year Rand Paul participated in protests and a shadow convention of the Republican Party. It was only after a U.S. Senate seat was potentially opening up did he decide to become a loyal, active participant in the Republican Party - a far more recent conversion of loyalty to the party and to conservative philosophy than that of Trey Grayson - and his conversion was as a grown adult who should have been cooked long ago - not someone finding his way as a teenager and 20 something like Trey Grayson. Rand Paul's much more recent conversion of claimed loyalty to the Republican Party is purely political opportunism.

Rand Paul is a typical politician. Not a conservative. Not a Republican. Cannot be trusted. In the first post of this blog it was stated that the objective was to counter the claims of Rand Paul's supporters and that the fabrications being spread about Trey Grayson may not necessarily be coming directly from Rand Paul or his official campaign. At time goes on, that is clearly not the case, and seems these supporters are merely inspired by the deception from the candidate himself.