Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rand Paul's 2010 thuggery tour continues - bullies 85 year old lady


I've just had the pleasure of speaking on the phone with Golda Pensol Walbert, Chairwoman of the Barren County Republican Party. Walbert is an 85-yr-old retired teacher who is recovering from cancer and, though now limited to walking with a walker, still enjoys being active in her community. Walbert is a recipient of Kentucky's Unbridled Spirit Award, presented to her by former Governor Ernie Fletcher (photo above) and was honored by the WKU-Glasgow Student Organization of Business and Professional Women's Club when they established a scholarship in her honor.

I decided to give Mrs. Walbert a call when I learned about a threat reportedly issued by Dr. Rand Paul at the Barren County Patriots Association Meeting on Tuesday. An attendee at the event had reported to me that Rand Paul made the following statement there in regard to the Barren County Lincoln Day Dinner:

"If I'm not invited, I'll stand out in the parking lot with my bullhorn."
Dr. Paul is apparently upset by the fact that the Barren County Republican Party has listed his opponent, Secretary of State Trey Grayson, as the main speaker. Wondering what all the fuss was about, I decided to give Golda Walbert a call.

Walbert told me that she had been told of Dr. Paul's "bullhorn" remark and she was disturbed by it. She said that the Barren County Republican Party had every intention of inviting Dr. Paul to speak and had been trying to get in touch with him to do just that. She told me, "I don't have access to Rand Paul. I'd been trying to get him to return my call and finally got the office yesterday. I spoke to the chairman."

I asked her, "David Adams? The campaign manager?"

Walbert said, "Yes, David Adams, and he tore into me. I don't believe I have ever been talked as rough to."

Walbert told me that she extended the invitation for Dr. Paul to speak and Adams told her, "Only after you have met our requirements." He then asked that Dr. Paul be given equal time to speak and equal billing with Trey Grayson. Walbert reports that she told Adams that Dr. Paul could have equal time but that the tickets had already been printed. She told me that Adams asked her if she would have new tickets printed and she said, "No."

Walbert explained to me that they had wanted to have Trey Grayson be their keynote speaker at last year's Lincoln Day Dinner but that he had a scheduling conflict, so they decided to allow him to keynote this year. She explained that no county Republican executive committee is allowed, as a body, to issue an endorsement of any candidate in a primary election and that the decision to have one candidate be a keynote speaker should not, in any way, be deemed to be an endorsement of that candidate. Although individuals may endorse, she would not reveal to me which candidate she is personally supporting in the primary. She said that she didn't think it would be appropriate for her to do that considering her position.

Read the rest here: Rand Paul's 2010 thuggery tour continues

Rand Paul Says Adair County Republican Party "Laughing Stock of the State"

An event in Columbia, Kentucky tonight that was reportedly billed locally as a "townhall" meeting with Rand Paul turned out to be a fundraising rally according to Brandon Thompson, Public Relations officer for the Adair County Republican Party's Executive Committee. Thompson had come to learn more about the man for whom he had "some questions and a semi-favorable view". He told me via email, "I went with an open mind, because my thinking was, if he wins, I want to know who I'm voting for in November, and I agreed with several of his points." Thompson ended up leaving the event angry, however, and it was apparently with good reason.
is also a good title for this piece. That's the noise that babies make when they need a nap, or spoiled candidates make when they don't get their way.

Thursday night (2/24), our intrepid Team Johnson bloggerette, Lisa Graas, received some Tweets from Brandon Thompson, in Casey County. Brandon is on the Executive Committee of the Adair County Republican Party. According to the Tweets, Brandon had just left a meeting between the Adair County GOP and Rand Paul, where he had expressed displeasure with them about not being invited to the Lincoln Day Dinner in March. See below:


The Battle of Adair County
At some point in the evening, Rand Paul, doing what he does best, attacked the organizers of an upcoming Lincoln Dinner, the Adair County Republican Party, with this statement, “I’ll tell you one thing, your county party sure isn’t very friendly. In fact, in a few weeks you’re having a Lincoln Dinner, and Trey Grayson is the Keynote Speaker and I’ve not been invited.”

Rand Paul spokesman was promoter of 9/11 was an inside job conspiracy

Rand Paul spokesman Chris Hightower, noted below to have found it amusing to compare Trey Grayson to Adolf Hitler, was not forced to resign or even so much as apologize by Rand Paul or his campaign manager for this behavior. They had no problem with it, apparently. After the drip, drip, drip continued and it was exposed to the press he was an outspoken promoter of the "9/11 was an inside job" conspiracy, had tolerated and allowed racist posts on his myspace space (including a prominent vulgar location that Hightower had posted himself on the site), the Rand Paul campaign found that it was politically too toxic to keep him around and asked him to resign from the campaign. Hightower also appears to have had anti-Christian lyrics posted as part of a rock band he was in. This was all publicly available, yet either the Rand Paul campaign did nothing to even halfway check out the person it was hiring into this key role or they knew about it and had no problem with it. But most telling is when asked by the Courier-Journal if Rand Paul agreed with his former spokesman's belief that 9/11 was an inside job, the Rand Paul campaign couldn't even definitively that it wasn't - the response was that it was a "complicated situation" with "truth on both sides." Apparently not wanting to upset the out of state money bombers who are fueling his campaign.