Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rand Paul v. Rand Paul - he and John Kerry have flip flopping in common

Perhaps Dr. Paul isn't directly behind all of the insane attacks on Trey Grayson such as those outlined below, but he is certainly capable of mastering the flip flopping technique of his fellow typical politicians, and gets rather testy when Grayson confronts him on this whopper:

Rand Paul vs. Himself

Transcript of Rand Paul flip-flop on terrorist detainees (at the KY Association of Counties forum this morning):

Rand Paul: "I want to be just very explicit about this. I'm opposed toclosing down Guantanamo bay, I'm opposed to trying them in civilcourt, and I'm in favor of military tribunals."

Trey Grayson: "Then I guess you'll have to change your webpage?"

Rand Paul: "Learn to read!"

Looks like Trey Grayson's reading skills are in good shape - it's either Rand Paul's memory or truth telling skills that turn out to be lacking:

Rand Paul vs. Himself
Posted: Thursday, November 19th Filed in: Press Releases
Florence, Kentucky—
Rand Paul proved today at the Kentucky Association of Counties forum that he is practiced in the Washington art of flip-flopping when he could not provide a straight answer on the issue of protecting America's national security.

Rand Paul has previously endorsed the Obama Administration policy of bringing the most dangerous terrorists on Earth to U.S. soil, including alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and several co-conspirators. Paul and Obama want to close the $200 million detention facility at Guantanamo Bay and prosecute these terrorists in civilian courts.

"While he had difficulty providing a straight answer today, Paul's previous remarks supporting the Obama policy of closing Guantanamo and bringing the world's most dangerous terrorists to the U.S. have been as consistent as they are misguided," said Grayson campaign manager Nate Hodson.

Rand Paul on terrorist detainees:
" ... it's kind of unclear whether these people are guilty, not guilty ... So I really think deportation or sending them back to their country of origin might be the best way to go. And none of it's fair, because some of them have been held years and years ..." - Alex Jones Show, 5/21/09.

Rand Paul "couldn't agree more" with those who believe Guantanamo has "significantly damaged the reputation of the United States" and who want to "see it shut down." - Rand Paul website post, 5/25/09.

"I think they should mostly be sent back to their country of origin or to tell you the truth I'd drop them back off into battle ... you're unclear, drop 'em off back into Afghanistan. It'd take them a while to get back over here." - YouTube video of Rand Paul speaking in Paducah, KY, 5/8/09.

Trey Grayson's petition opposing that policy has garnered 2,000 signatures after just one day.
"Our nation is at war," Grayson said. "We should never release our enemies back onto the battlefield to kill more Americans. We should try them in military tribunals outside the United States, and Guantanamo is the perfect place for that. We've spent $200 million building a facility to safely house these terrorists outside our borders and try them using military commissions that will protect their rights while keeping Americans safe."

Read the petition, the latest news on this topic and learn more about what other conservatives are saying at

Rand Paul is not the conservative in this race, and he certainly proves he just sticks his finger in the air to find his "principles" at any given moment with this little charade he's now trying to pull on Gitmo. Republican voters, let's not be fooled by this guy.